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Holiday Greetings with 2016 Success Stories

Meet: Connie Cockrell ccockrellauthor@gmail.com

She began writing in response to a challenge from her daughter in October 2011 and has been hooked ever since. Her books run the gamut from SciFi and Fantasy to Contemporary to Halloween and Christmas stories.

She’s published two novels, The Gulliver Station series, three collections of short stories and has been included in three different anthologies. Her newest book Lost Rainbows follows Shamus O’Malley on a quest to recover the Leprechaun Kingdom’s magic rainbows and gold before the rainbows are lost forever.

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January Jones-Black History Month with Sporty King


Sporty King

HIStory Is OURstory

For some, Black History is a daily occurrence
For still others, a daily experience.
It’s in hearts and smiles that remind us
That life today is omnipotent.

Black History is a celebration of America
Through its African descent
It aligns us with God’s vision
Of the melting pot he’s sent. . . .

See, it’s a part of a bigger picture
Far beyond one month a year
For even that month is a short one
While our heritage speaks boldly of care.

We cared about one another, grouped and in chains,
Expanded our language to survive.
Plotted and coaxed, demanded and fought back
Like each hyphenated American, we’ve made big strides. . .

We’ve been nurses and nannies,
Farmers and cattle, athletes, inventors, musicians.
Students and teachers, Privates and Generals,
And, finally, key politicians.

We’ve lost and we’ve won
Been known for having fun
Our actions have always outspoken our words.

We’ve improvised and “made do”
Tap danced and done a soft shoe
Our pride has been our strength, haven’t you heard?

So count me in your tomorrow
Acknowledge my yesterday
Help me eclipse negative stereotypes
Because I’m here and I’m here to stay.

Each of us is a descendant of a survivor
We’re a part of the soil, the air and the sea.
Black History is a celebration of America
I’m a part of you. . . you’re a part of me.

Jonathan Swiatocha Inspires on Incito

This past week, Jonathan Swiatocha was on Incito as he narrated his incredible comeback from paralysis and a traumatic brain injury. Even better, he’s on track to become one of the first runners in the Olympics!

Jonathan Swiatocha is an Olympic athlete hopeful, having overcome paralysis and a traumatic brain injury.

Jonathan Swiatocha is an Olympic athlete hopeful, having overcome paralysis and a traumatic brain injury.

A few of our listeners had some questions for him last week:

Question. How was life after the accident?

Answer: Life was incredibly tough. Jon was told he suffered a traumatic brain injury and also might not ever walk again. None of it was his fault, and he was just a kid at the time. Jon continued to have emotional swings and difficulty in his analytical functions as a result of his injury. However, he was able to adjust and make the best of his situation. He proved that he could walk again. He found a job, and then even turned to running to find himself.

Question: How did it feel to lose those three days of life?

Answer: Those three days changed the entire course of Jon’s life. He wasn’t sure if he would lose more than just three days.

Question: Where was the placement of the injury?

Answer: The injury resulted from a car accident, as the car that Jon was in was impacted by a car being operated by a drunk driver. Jon suffered brain damage and also partial paralysis which he later overcame.

Question: Did you have to learn things over again?

Answer: Jon had to learn almost everything over again, including several brain functions and also physical functions.


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